Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GigTips: January 2009

And so we go on into a new year, and what can be the coldest month in the calendar. Dressing for jazz can be a bit of a challenge when the temperature never rises above freezing. Remember to wrap up warm for the journey but make sure you can take most of it off when you are in the club otherwise you will suffer: Prague’s jazz clubs are not known for their airy coolness!

On a similar practical note do watch out if you decide to take a taxi home because it is too cold to wait for a night-tram. Reputable taxis can be picked up at the “Fair Place” ranks or by calling AAA Taxis (233 113 311) who speak English and are usually quick and reliable.

So now you know how to dress and how to get back, you only have to decide who you want to see!

This month we are going to concentrate on artists who are regularly featured on this website. They represent some of the best music talent out there, and are perfect gigs for occasional and regular jazz fans alike.

We will start the year at AghaRTA Jazz Centrum, with the delightful folk-jazzer Pavla Milcová (4/1), the Luboš Andršt Group (13, 14/1), the Emil Viklický Trio (21/1) and the Robert Balzar Trio (29/1). All these gigs will be of the highest quality and come with our enthusiastic recommendation.

If you want to see more of one of Europe’s best jazz and blues guitarists, Luboš will also be playing with his Blues Band at the Charles Bridge Jazz Club (11, 18, 23, 30/1), another highly recommended experience.

At USP Jazz Lounge this month there is the chance to hear two of the best female vocalists on the Prague scene, with Veronika Diamant (13/1) and Miriam Bayle (11, 22, 23, 30/1), and thunderous pianist Karel Růžička will also be passing through with his Trio (15/1).

This is of course just a handful of what is on offer, so please follow the Music Clubs links to see what else is happening. Remember to book in advance in order to be sure of a place, and do tell the venue that you saw the gig listed here on Prague Jazz.

May your 2009 be as prosperous as it is musical!

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