Thursday, April 2, 2009

GigTips: April 2009

Despite a few false starts it seems that spring is really here in Prague. The temperatures are up, the beer is cool, the green shoots of new life are on the trees, and the local ladies are digging out their summer wardrobes. Yes, life is good.

The warmer weather also means a huge influx of tourists, and if any jazz fans are planning a visit to Prague and stumble upon this website I hope they find it useful. Of course not all visitors to the jazz clubs of Prague are serious about music, and they can be bloody annoying. When you go to an art gallery you do not expect your fellow visitors to doodle on the paintings. When you go to the theatre you do not expect members of the audience to jump up onto the stage and interfere with the leading lady. And so why some people think that talking and making loud noises while musicians perform is acceptable is totally beyond me. If you get one of these prats sitting next to you please do the decent thing by the rest of the audience and the performers and tell them to shut up. It works.

So now we’ve got that sorted here’s what we at Prague Jazz think you should be checking out in April:

AghaRTA Jazz Centrum is offering a quality programme as usual, with highlights including the sublime Luboš Andršt Group (6, 7 / 4), the energetic virtuoso outfit Rhythm Desperados (8, 9 / 4), and fun vocal jazz from Madfinger (15, 16 / 4).

There are cool things happening at the Lucerna Music Bar in April, with Latin singer Yvonne Sanchez (16 / 4) and Slovak blues/funkster Peter Lipa (27 / 4). Remember to work up a thirst before you go because as well as being a good music venue Lucerna also has the cheapest tank Pilsner Urquell you will find in the centre of Prague.

U Malého Glena plays host to Ondřej Pivec's ORGANIC Quartet featuring Betty Lee (12 / 4) which will be well worth a listen if you can get the Americans to shut up, meanwhile at USP Jazz Lounge there is a chance to see the intense Karel Růžička Trio (24 / 4).

Of course there is much more going on so please do check out the venue links for full schedules, and also look though our reviews for an indication of what to expect. Remember to book ahead to be sure of a seat, and please do tell the venue that you saw the gig tipped here.

And finally, good luck to HC Slavia Praha in this year's ice hockey play off finals!

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