Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prague Jazz and Social Media

Unless you have been sitting for the last two years with your head in a bucket of porridge (possibly in order to recreate the acoustics of Prague’s Congress Centre) you will have noticed the rise in use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Not many of the stars of the Prague jazz scene have embraced this new way of communicating yet, but if you are interested…

Prague-based Chicago bluesmaster Rene Trossman can be found on Twitter as @rtblues. His Twitter page can be found here.

Ondřej Pivec and his ORGANIC Quartet can be found on Facebook – just search for them when you are logged on.

Update 14/6/09 - There is now a Facebook group for the Robert Balzar Trio. Again, just seach for it when you are logged on. There are also pages for AghaRTA Jazz Centrum and Jazz Dock.

If by any chance you want to follow me and events at PJHQ then you can also follow me on Twitter – @TonyEmmerson.

Hopefully more of the local musicians will use social media soon. If you stumble upon any of them doing so please send me the details so I can add them here.

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