Friday, July 17, 2009

Organic DVD Recording

Last night (16/7) saw the much awaited concert by Ondřej Pivec and friends, recorded for DVD release by Animal Music in 2010. This was a professional job: Divadlo Disk packed to capacity, five cameras (including one on a boom for sweeping shots over the stage and audience), and over two hours of great music.

The first set was by the Organic Quartet in familiar format with Kuba Doležal on tenor saxophone, Libor Šmoldas on guitar, and Tomáš Hobzek working away on the kit. They played their usual brand of original material, honed and refined on the road. Ondřej's rig now features a new Hammond put through a Leslie cabinet, recreating one of the greatest sounds in music.

For the second set they were joined by saxophonist Joel Frahm (USA), along with Miroslav Hloucal on trumpet. The result was a tight sextet, double sax and trumpet working well. Frahm was on stellar form, his wild solos rapturously received.

The grand finale saw the stage straining to also accommodate the dozen or so members of the Bucinatores Big Band: brass, woodwind, Tomáš Liška on bass, and a big, big sound. With so many players the music was more structured but there was still room for improvisation. It was then back to the sextet for the first encore, and finally a trio of Frahm, Pivec, and Šmoldas to softly play out the night.

Both sets were good, the second especially so in places. The sextet managed to hit the zone where the music had something really special going on. The DVD should be treat: look out of news (and of course an in-depth review) on Prague Jazz.

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