Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blast From The Past: Energit

Here's something very special: Energit's "Paprsek ranního slunce" (Ray of morning sunshine) from the 1970s. Energit were a jazz rock band that featured some of the best local musicians of the time. On this recording you can hear the magical guitar work of a young Mr Luboš Andršt. Enjoy, and play it loud!


Lou Kash said...

Only that the "video" doesn't seem to be well researched: Apart from Andršt, it shows mostly the 1st Energit incarnation with Khunt, Padrůněk & Šedivý, plus the last reunion attempt with Kulhánek and a vocalist (I forgot who that was…).
On this recording from 1975, however, Viklický playes Fender Rhodes, Vytrhlík is on bass, Ticháček on sax and Jenčík on the drums.

Tony Emmerson said...

Thanks for that - I was going to email Emil and ask if it was him playing on that particular version but you have saved me the trouble!

The pictures do seem to be a bit random, although they do give a flavour of the time. It is SUCH good piece of music that I'm willing to overlook the slightly 'odd' presentation!

I'm convinced that there is a gap in the market for a DVD of performances of this era if such footage exists.

Lou Kash said...

CZ TV owns Energit live footage, e.g. from the Hudební studio M shows. Excerpts appeared in the Bigbít series (part 20). My colleagues Lexa Guha or Hraboš will surely know more about it…