Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GigTips: August 2011

There are so many jazz gigs in Prague that it would be impossible to list all the good ones, even with careful selection to weed out the routine and the mundane. Instead we offer you a handful of gigs each month that we feel could be of special interest.

August's best gig is likely to be at Jazz Dock on 5/8: Karel Růžička jr. will once again be joining his father's Trio for a very special night of music. According to the Czech Jazz Society's website this gig will be recorded, so expect excellence and an electric atmosphere. Růžička jr. is one of those players who has to be seen (and heard!) to be believed – a master of the saxophone. Be there if you can.

Also at Jazz Dock you can see Latin singer Marta Töpferová (11/8), visiting from NYC and playing with her regular Czech associates David Dorůžka and Tomáš Liška. Robert Balzar plays there with his Trio on 19/8, and after hearing them play in July we can confirm that they are on top form at the moment, brimming with new ideas and new music.

If the weather blesses the weekend of 6-7/8 then there's a great chance to see some of Prague's best bands for free in Old Town Square. AghaRTA are holding their annual Jazz Week, including the now traditional two day outdoor festival. Full details are available on their website but for us the essential acts to see are the Luboš Andršt Group (6/8 at 16:30) and the extremely energetic Rhythm Desperados (7/8 at 16:30).

If our Libor Šmoldas review has got you curious then Libor is in action at U Malého Glena on 4/8. Glen's is a very small club so reservation is essential if you want to be anywhere near the front and not stuck outside in the bar. Libor will also be playing guitar in his wife's Latin outfit, Zeurítia, at Reduta on 22/8. Finally for this month, the always excellent Emil Viklický will be at Reduta on 12/8. If you want to learn a little more about Emil before you see him then please do check out his extensive interview here.

Club programmes are subject to change so it is best to check with the venue, and don't forget to make a reservation to be sure of a good seat. If you go to any of the gigs listed here please let us know what you thought, and please do tell the venue that you saw the gig tipped on Prague Jazz.

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