Saturday, April 16, 2011

Not The End

The last year has been a time of personal and professional changes. Between buying and furnishing a new flat, and coping with reforms in the Czech education framework, I was out of time and out of energy. There's little worse than a job done badly, and so instead of watching the Prague Jazz blog limp along like a dying dog I chose to put it down: a cocktail of relief and sadness in equal measure.

The changes, fates willing, have subsided. Nobody came forward to take over the website and continue its mission of bringing detailed coverage of the Prague jazz scene to an English-speaking audience. And so the inevitable decision has been made and, from the new PJHQ penthouse on the western edge of the city, Prague Jazz will resume shortly .

The format will be slightly different from the previous incarnation, with monthly updates including album and gig reviews, video highlights, and gig recommendations. There will also be a short monthly editorial commenting on aspects of Czech jazz scene. Between these updates you can follow PJ news, comment on albums you've bought and gigs you've enjoyed, and generally chat Czech jazz on our Facebook page. If you're an enthusiastic Twit then drop me a line at @tonyemmerson.

The first update should be live on April 25th. It is good to be back. I hope you come with me for the ride...

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