Saturday, September 25, 2010

The End?

With a great deal of sadness I have decided to discontinue Prague Jazz, for now at least.

This is in no way because of a lapse in enthusiasm for the music of this great city. My love of the music is as strong as before, and you will still see me around at the front tables of Prague's clubs, enjoying the world-class jazz that is on offer.

However the world moves on around music, and changes in my personal and work lives have left me without the time or the energy to meaningfully continue the website. It is a labour of love, and while labours of love are tremendously satisfying they do not pay the mortgage or secure a pension.

If there is anybody out there who wishes to continue the work I have started here then please get in touch. I will leave the website up so that new visitors who are interested in the Prague jazz scene can read my thoughts. Of course I am always ready to talk Czech jazz with anyone out there, so please don't be strangers.

Last of all, my deep and sincere thanks to the people on the scene who have helped me so much with support both moral and practical. Their kindness and their willingness to accept me into their world was truly touching. They made the experience so much more than I ever hoped it could be. My friends, thank you.

You will never know how much it meant.

You will will never know how much it still means.