Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jazzová KLAUSura Continues...

The fifth JK concert, featuring American singer Deborah Davis, completed the 2013 programme of the former President's concert series.

Having written the programme notes for concert there is little to add in the way of a review, other than to say it was a a thoroughly professional and accomplished performance by the well-travelled singer and her Czech and Slovak band for the night. Presenting herself with flamboyance and glamour she showcased her interpretations and arrangements of classic tunes, including a seasonal encore, and was a commanding presence in the intimate auditorium that is the Autoklub.

The band, led by pianist Tomáš Jochmann, maintained that delicate balance of being sensitive to the singer's needs while at the same time keeping their own playing interesting and attractive in its own right. Young saxophonist Jan Fečo was a revelation, and is definitely a star in the making.

Bringing together musicians from around the world for one-night-only collaborations has been one of the most exciting aspects of the Jazzová KLAUSura concerts, and hopefully 2014 will bring more excellent entertainment for fans of sophisticated and unique jazz concerts in Prague.