Sunday, March 7, 2010

News: Emil Viklický Trio's New Live Album

Live in Vienna, the new live album from one of the true giants of Czech jazz, has been released!

We will of course be reviewing the album as soon as our copy arrives, but until then here is what Emil himself has to say about it:

"In the span of nine years my Trio issued 3 live recordings:

1/ Bratislava 2001 TRIO 01, recorded 2001, issued 2002 by ARTA
2/ Cookin´in Bonn, recorded 2004, issued 2005/6 by Dekkor Records, London
3/ Live in Vienna, recorded 2007, issued 2010, by Cube Métier

In Bratislava reviews said we were the best group of the festival. There is also a DVD issued [of the set]. Bonn was good as well, but I do feel that Vienna has the most raw energy. That is due to Laco Tropp's playing. Laco is terribly excellent on Live in Vienna.

He was 68 when [Live in Vienna was] recorded, but playing his "Philly Jo" style with incredible stamina and energy. Of course it is partly because of our short tour in Alabama. We had played a trio with Cleveland Eaton - bassist for Count Basie, Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, Ramsay Lewis and founding member of Earth Wind and Fire!!! Cleve was so enthusiastic of Laco's groove that he offered him a position in his US band for a year. Laco's self confidence of course went up, and you can easily hear it on this CD."

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